Adas Polo (Lentil Rice) ba Keshmesh o Morgh Salad Shirazi
Sep 03

This specific halva is made with white flour. There are many different halvas and I hope to learn how to make the majority of them!


Persian Halvaa


1 cup water
1 cup oil
1/2 teaspoon saffron
2 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup rose water


In a small pot, boil the water and add the sugar, ground saffron, and rose water. Mix and leave on low or place aside once well mixed and sugar is melted.

In a larger pot, heat the oil and add the flour. Make sure you are mixing the flour into the oil and continue stirring so that it cooks evenly (and does not burn). The heat on your stove top should be anywhere from medium to high (based on how quickly you plan to stir and now allow the flour to burn). Once the color is nice and brown, and especially once you can smell that the flour has cooked you want to take the pot off the stove top and add the liquid mixture from the smaller pot. The flour mix is very hot and will start to sizzle when you add the liquid mixture. After you have added it stir very quickly until the halva thickens. Once thickened place the halva in a dish of your choice and flatten then add a design (with a spoon).

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23 Responses to “Persian Halva (with Video)”

  1. Kris says:

    That is the bomb in Halva Making Video……..the ones on You Tube Suck….you deserve an OSCAR !!!! I actually think I can do it this time after watching this……


  2. mrs says:

    wow this recepie is very nice.u ddnt tell whether it is rice flour or all purpose flour.hope u ill replay soon.thank u ……

    • Sorry it took me so long to reply to this. I have used both all purpose flour and wheat flour to make this. Wheat flour has bran and therefore it has some texture to it, so if you like it to be smooth use white or all purpose flour.

  3. Masoud says:

    I’m gonna make some tonight (first time) and I love the website so much! My mom just went to Iran on a trip and I need to learn some good old Persian recipes (or I’ll die!!!) haha so thank you for all the great recipes and keep them coming. Love the website.

    I’ll tell you how the halva turned out tonight. Crossing fingers! lol

  4. Masoud says:

    Okay, I tried this tonight and it just got really hard…I think I put too much oil and too much syrup so tomorrow I will have to adjust because I have to get this recipe right! hahah.

  5. Masoud says:

    Tried it again this past friday and it came out gorgeous! It is super delicious. Merci!

    • Sorry about the late reply. I’m happy it turned out good. :) Thanks so much for letting me know :)

      • Masoud says:

        No problem! I hope you can put up recipes for Iranian ferni also, that would be great. I have the Roza Montazeri cookbook, but some of the Iranian phrases I don’t quite understand so reading them in English are definitely easier. Thanks again!

  6. Natalie says:

    Don’t you just love the internet?!
    Long lost, and complicated recipes are no longer so mysterious, thanks to people like yourself. Thank you, thank you.

  7. Wagz says:

    We’ve got to find effective sugar substitutes for traditional sweets like this because diabetes is a serious problem with many adults these days.

  8. alina says:

    I have a question about the ingredients. Do you mean a cup of 200 ml ?


    1 cup water
    1 cup oil
    2 cups flour
    1 cup sugar

  9. Ana says:

    Thank you !! :)
    Regards from Portugal!
    I just found out Persian Recipes and I’m in love with this cuisine !!

  10. Nargis says:

    similar to indian halwas but good i would like to try soon :D but do let me know my parents are diabetic so substituting it with sugarfree wil do? or wil it hav some changes with texture and taste?

    • Hi, many people I know who are diabetic use splenda…which is closer to sugar than most other sugar substitutes. If you do use something other than sugar the flavor will be a bit different, so you may need to add less of the substitute or change around the recipe a bit until you get the right flavor.

      I think it should still taste good with some kind of substitute :)

  11. Clerio says:

    I haven’t made this recipe yet, however I would like to say that your video was very well done and detailed. I will try this recipe next month in a event at home.
    Thank you.

  12. Sophia says:

    Hi! I’m wondering what type of oil you used? I tried another recipe, which called for 2 sticks of butter instead of oil, and it came out a little lighter (though I just may not have cooked it for long enough). Thanks!

  13. Reza R says:

    الهی به حق پنج تن خیر ببینید
    I’m Living in europe alone with my girlfriend ( she is not an Iranian )
    she is a really good cooker and she likes persian food. and it’s wonderful to find people like you putting these things in english !

    take care ( be haghe 5 tan even more 8 tan ! adding further ,sun, and holly spirit AMIN ! )

  14. Zohreh says:

    thanks for this great recipe, my kids and I all loved it. the best thing is that it does not come out too sweet. Just perfect!

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